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I'm posting my superchunky stash list, so y'all can see how NUTSOID i am ;-) I'm also using my own words for the colors, because I have no idea what the real ones are.

10 and a scrap ball - Sand
4 - Cream
7 - Olive, all intended for the leiabelle pullover, with Bernat Mallard for the collar fluff
6 - Hunter Green, all promised to shatfat's ribbed throw
5 - Purple
4 - Indigo, one possibly to be turned into a Moebius scarf
3 - Yellow
3 and a scrap ball - Kelp (18, which I will SO trade for *ANY OTHER COLOR* lol....)
1 - Dark pink, this was an accident that I'm very glad about
1 - Red
1 - Pumpkin
2 and change(?) - Medium Blue
2 and change(?) - Ice
4 and change - Plum

Hey, I've never owned any 19Teal... heehee. *blinks innocently* What?

When the new colors come out, I'm curious about the brown, but I don't have any specific plans for it. My plans for the above, besides what I already said, include a rainbow pride jacket, a cream-yellow-purple jacket in honor of the Colorado state flower (columbine), a sand sweater with a dark pink stripe around the waist (shatfat's suggestion, and I like it), and who knows what other foolishness.

I lurve this shtuff. And I am having so much fun with the throw so far.
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