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The results of my cashmerino eBay sniping fest

So..... my haul came to:
11 skeins of superchunky and 4 skeins of baby for a total of... $104.50. Plus shipping.

The breakdown:
6 skeins red superchunky
5 skeins hot pink superchunky
2 skeins beige baby cashmerino--I suspect this shade is discontinued b/c the skein I already have was marked down
1 skein black baby cashmerino and 1 skein yellow (but not the prettiest yellow) baby cashmerino - I may try to trade/return/otherwise get rid of this one random extra yellow, as I already do have one. I mainly bid on that auction for the beige.

People in my local knitting circle wanting to beg me to sell them cheap superchunky... *wink*... the total I paid for the superchunky by itself--without shipping--is $89 even. For 11 skeins, this breaks down to about eight bucks a skein. So.... you know who you are... yeah.
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